10 yo Autistic Trouble with Abstract School Assigments.


My son is in 5th grade. He has autism. It's really hard for him to talk about him and to express ideas when come to write ideas and team work. It's more and more hard at school. They have to arrange some of the work to help him succeed and he has to be isolate to be able to concentrate to do the work. When it's too hard he begins to cry really hard and loose his focus and can't continue. It's really hard for him and for the people who wants to help him. He is really good at school, has good grades but to start the work and put ideas in place is really really hard. It took 2 weeks just to find an idea for an oral expose to do in front of the class. He is afraid to be intimidated in the same time because it happens all the time. What do you suggess? Thanks

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