Discouraging Sexual Activity


We have a 15 year old daughter who continues to lie. She currently is grounded for a month, no social events, technology, etc. per the Rosemond Method. She appears to be feeling the pain of this consequence. This latest lie involves choosing a few female peers who have been spending time with teenage boys. I know one of these 15 year old girls is sexually active. Although we haven't seen signs of our daughter being sexual with a boy, I know she is interested in boys, in fact, she likes a 16 year old. I have spoken to our daughter many times about sex, dangers of sex, stds, and read books about the dangers and regrets of teenage girls who became sexually-active. In short, I'm straightforwardly blunt with her about sex and how we will not tolerate sexual behavior while our children are under our roof. I would like to ask for your advice on this topic. What else do you recommend for parenting a teenage girl who is tempted to drive the road towards sexual activity? I feel this intersection is closely arriving.

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