Note to self - don't leave this 5 year old alone with friends.


I have a 5yo boy who is not respectful of other people's things. During a party at a friend's house with lots of children, he tore the thumbs off of oversized "Hulk hands". At his sister's basketball game at a church, he and a few younger boys were playing in the exercise room right off the gym. I checked on them and saw they were making a mess, but they weren't doing anything extreme and I went back to the game. After the game, all 3 boys came out with cuts on their hands. When we investigated, it appears that my son said, "Look at those [hand]weights" and proceeded to throw one at a large (old) tv and broke the glass. They then proceeded to throw weights at the wall mirrors and shattered many of the panels. They thought it was so cool when they popped and shattered. I took him to the pastor of the church the next day to have him apologize and have the pastor send us the bill. The pastor was so gracious and forgave my son. We also took a new set of "Hulk gloves" to our friend and asked for their forgiveness. I am unsure how to punish/teach him to have respect for other's things. I am at my wits end and feel that we have failed him.

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