4 y/o Bedtime Monster


Our 4 year old great-grandson has been living with us for almost 8 months. He is fairly good during the day (unless he has not had a nap). He goes to preschool 3 days a week. And went to the office once for saying "poopy head" to another child. Teachers report: he goes to school to play...nothing else, he will be attending preK next year not Kindergarten. Our biggest problem is when it's time for bed he turns into a monster. Once in bed he rarely gets up. The process from heading to his room, potty, brush teeth, prayers takes an hour or more, then one of us has to stay with him until he falls asleep. When his dad has him, at this point once or twice a month... .he just lets him fall asleep with him in bed, watching tv. The situation is the same with mom, but she rarely has him. He mostly gets on the ground and cries, which is difficult for us...I will yell and sometimes spank...lots of times he'll just laugh. Grandpa has more patience, I pray and just walk away, I hate yelling and spanking him....I am losing patience the older he gets. He is quite verbal and a debater, and his dad's new friend has a daughter who has taught him some disrespectful words and sticking out his tongue. Help

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