16 yo thief needs strong response


I have read teen proofing once and am in the process of reading it again. But I do not know what to do about our teenage daughter. This afternoon after church I found my extra set of car keys in her bag. I was looking for my amazon charger, which she said she didn't have but has taken before (and once kept over a year before returning). In that bag, I found my extra set of car keys which she did not have permission to have. She has already been in trouble for taking her grandparents' Kia and Corvette keys this past October. She actually had to go into my husband's office and dig though his office drawers to find the other set of keys. It was not common knowledge where they were. I do let her drive my car sometimes (about once a week and once or so on the weekend), but we kept the second set of keys put up in case the first set got lost or locked in the car. Her explanation: the second set of keys looked nicer than the first and she says she only took them when she was driving my car. She says she's sorry, but at this point she has been so dishonest on so many different fronts (at least in my mind) that I don't trust her at all. And we have no idea how to discipline this situation. She just keeps saying she's not a bad kid compared to other kids and we just don't let her have enough freedom (like going out on school nights and setting her own curfew). Speaking of which, she was late on her curfew last weekend (not terribly late, but late nonetheless.) She seems like such a pitiful child. Is there anything left to do?

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