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Teenaged son not making the grade


My 13 year old son is bright but very lazy when it comes to school work and grades. Even though he tested as gifted, he does not want to put the time or effort in that is required to do well. We have told him that we expect only A's and B's on his report cards. He got a C on the last one so he is now on restriction on school nights (no friends at all and cell phone use for an hour only.) His progress report just came out yesterday and the class with the C went up, but he now has two D's in other classes. I again reminded him that we expect only A's and B's on the next report card (which I do not even know if that is mathematically possible at this point!) I am doing what John says and staying out of the homework. Although it kills me to know he has a test the next day and I do not even see him crack open the book. I want him to be as prepared as possible for high school next year. Any suggestions on what to do if he continues to bring home C's (or even worse) on future report cards?? Thanks for the info!

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