Explaining to 8 yo about Transgender Classmate


The elementary school where my 8 year old 3rd grader attends, just sent home a letter stating that a classmate has chosen to come out as transgender. The letter further states that the school will be reading a book to all 3rd graders explaining about this and the child's situation. I live in an extremely liberal town in Colorado and I am sure I am only one of a handful of parents out of a school of 500 kids, who is not liberal and who believes that this kind of discussion in the school is not only unacceptable but that an 8 year old who still believes in Santa Claus should not be given this information. First, as Christian, I do not believe in transgender so that is not my question. My question is, the fact remains that this kid is going to come to school in one week as the opposite gender. I will not have my child participate in their propaganda, but what do I tell my child about this kid?

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