18 mo Won't Stay on Potty


I'm potty-training my 18-month-old son, and I'm a little confused about what to do if he doesn't want to sit on the potty. I've read TTWT and a lot of the QAs on this site, but I still don't understand. The potty bell goes off. I tell him to go sit on his potty. He doesn't. Do I put him on the potty? He won't stay. (By the way, he's confined to the playroom, which is where his potty is, but it's fairly large, and there's no way to gate off a smaller space unless I put him in the bathroom). Do I just ignore the fact that he's not sitting on the potty? After accidents I have him sit on the potty, but he still won't go voluntarily. Then I have him help me clean up, and remind him that Teetee goes in the potty not on the floor. He hates cleaning up, but he'll eventually do it. I feel a little lost. I need some concrete ideas. Thanks!!!

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