"To be an effective disciplinarian, you must be a model of self-discipline. "

Troubled Young Teen?


This question is in reference to the October 2016 question regarding my 13 year old's act of vandalism.
Fast forward 8 months later. He has completed his punishment, but not without having to tell him to do his chores and tolerating a poor attitude.
He is now 14 and I see many more concerns.
Example, his lying is consistent. When picture day came around he wore a rock t-shirt and jeans, and was denied a picture. The rules were school uniform or dress shirt and pants. He told me all the kids dressed like that until I phoned the school and found the truth.
Just the other day, I called him on another lie about school and he went into a rage and attempted to hit me, he called me the worse swear words and insisted that the teacher was lying and then that he didn't hear her. His father smacked him and then he was sent to his room but continued screaming and yelling while I heard his father calming him down and telling him that I overreact and to stay away from me! Imagine that.
I will add that he is my stepson but I raised him since he was 3 (bio mom deceased)
My husband never disciplined him and left it up to me.
I followed Johns' parenting methods and I thought they were working. I did not waiver from consequences and he would do his time, only to scheme again to undermine the rules.
I am at wits end and told my husband that it is up to him from now on as to what to do.
Question:Given his behavior history, what do you recommend as the best course to take?
I believe he is in a crisis situation and my husbands thoughts are that he is a teenage boy with angst and just to take it one day at a time.
Needless to say this is not helping our marriage or this young man. HELP

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