7 Year Old & School work


My 7-yr old/1st grader has gotten a 2 (does not meet district standards - a 3 is the goal w/ a 4 being the best one can get) for penmanship/writing the past two quarters of 1st grade on his report card. I have printed out worksheets for him to copy what direction pencil strokes should be made - and he just throws a fit and cries rather than try to work through the worksheets. We practice spelling words 15 min/day 5 days/week. He seems to have a laissez fair attitude about most things and seems to just not care. He is a left handed writer. He could put more care into how he holds his pencil. He could put more effort into it. I ask him to leave a space the size of two fingers between words and he doesn't. How can I get him to care? His reading level is ahead of his peers.

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