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Cell phone give and take


In the chapter in Teen Proofing about consequences, John does not mention electronics or cell phones. I know he does not feel that kids should have them in the first place, but for those of us with teens who do, the removal of phone/electronics can be a powerful consequence. Here is my question: It is tempting to take away phone/electronics for a period of time as a consequence for each misbehavior, but is this always the best go-to? My son hates being without his cell phone but I struggle with the appropriate "withholding" time for each incident (mostly disrespectful comments.) Does it have more of an impact to mix up the consequences? For example: one time a disrespectful comment would get his phone taken away for a few days, but for a disrespectful comment on another day he would lose the opportunity to go out with friends next time he asks? Any help with consequences would be appreciated! Thanks!

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