"Don't ask a child a question if you don't mean for the child to have a choice in the matter. "

Illicit teen boy sleepovers


What is your opinion on "sleepovers" for teenage boys? My son is a good kid but has chosen a friend group that is experimenting with alcohol and pot...Good kids with good parents, but wanting to party. Also, I know of instances of sneaking out while at these "sleepovers." My husband and I allowed our son to attend the sleepovers until we found out about the activities that take place. We even held may sleepovers at our house but have since quit due to the liability. Since then, in the past 8 months, our son has only been allowed to spend the night out two times. Also it seems that our son is the only child with this boundary/restriction. I am friends with most of the parents and they seem to be fine with the sleepovers. I am not sure they are aware of the activities that go on. At any rate, what is your opinion? I would be fine with teenage sleepovers if I knew this group was not experimenting with alcohol and pot. This is a big area of tension with our son.

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