11 yo Sneakiness


My oldest daughter has developed some very sneaky behavior. The minute my back is turned or I'm out of the house for a few minutes she's pulling something. Mostly its been with electronics, taking my ipad or phone and watching youtube, getting on the computer without permission etc. She did it again while still being grounded for her last offense. While busting her for that she confessed to something else. She confessed that she had taken my credit card out of my wallet and charged a computer game to it. She is kicked out of the garden for a month and required to pay us back the money. Our question is should there be some verbal acknowledgment or lighter sentence for the confession? Or should things stand no matter how the incident was discovered? My husband and I are trying to encourage her to be honest. I think we need to concentrate on stopping the sneaky behavior. My husband feels that telling the truth is more important. We have agreed to get a third opinion.

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