2 yo Destructive and Attention Seeking


I just brought home a newborn, and my two year old seems to be having trouble adjusting. Before, he would go outside and play on his own. I knew I would need this trend to continue as I would have less time to give while caring for the newborn. He won't go outside. I put him out but he comes to the window and cries. I've tried ignoring him, hoping he would start enjoying his time outside as usual, but he will stand at the window and cry the entire time. I'm not comfortable closing the window due to his young age. I've tried bringing him back inside to play on his own, but he has so much energy he hasn't burnt off that the house gets destroyed. He's been testing me. He pushes containers over, my cup of water, or anything that's sitting out that can be pushed over and made into a mess. He never did these things until the new baby comes. I'm so frustrated and don't know what to do. I miss my lil boy. How do I handle these behavioral changes, and how do I deal with dividing my limited time between two young children without making my marriage suffer?

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