Toilet Training setbacks


Thank you very much for answering my last question regarding timing of training my 19 month old twins. We started a few days ago and are making good progress! However, after initial success (proactively using potty for pee with few accidents), my daughter is regressing after pooping on the potty the first time. She is now terrified of being on the potty at all and cries when we remove her diaper, which we use for naps and overnight. She holds both pee and poop for hours until she can't anymore. When she has to poop she becomes extremely clingy to my husband and I, won't play, and won't even separate to stay in the bath. She is usually the happiest, easiest toddler so this is very unusual. I'm planning to add the potty bell and gate tomorrow, but wanted to run it by you considering her extreme fear. Would that be your recommendation?

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