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No question just a heartfelt thank you. My daughter is about three weeks into her new school and I can't believe what a difference it has made. There was hardly any kicking and screaming, just one or two half-hearted "I don't want to go". She has mentioned a few times that she misses a couple of her teachers but no one else. When I pick her up from school I usually get a "Mom, I had a really good day today." I haven't heard that in an extremely long time. For the most part her whole attitude at home has done a complete turn around as well. I rarely see that antagonistic, belligerent child. She's happy, fun-loving and much nicer to her sister too! It saddens me to know that I didn't trust myself to parent my own child, but with your help I'm learning to trust my gut instinct (or the Holy Spirit if you're like me and look at it that way). Thanks so much!

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