20 Month Old Refuses to Sit on Potty


Hi there! I am on day 8 of potty training my 4th child, who is 20 months old. He refuses to sit on the potty on his own, so we're now using the bell and gate. The bell goes off, I put him in the bathroom, and tell him he can come out after he pees or poops in the potty. 4 days in with bell and gate, and all he will do is pee on the floor of the bathroom. Once he does this, do we let him out after he cleans up and reset the potty bell? Or do we have him stay in the bathroom until he produces something in the potty? I am asking because there are mixed responses to this question on the parent guru site. Some say to leave him in and others say to let him out and try again at the next bell.

FYI, we have a 2nd potty in our playroom where we hang out most of the day.

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