5 yo No Christmas Presents?


We have a daughter (she will be 6 in a few weeks) who has been exhibiting bad behavior for a long time. The biggest issues are hitting (mom and dad included), spitting on people, name calling, destroying things. she has been on daily and weekly charts - she has graduated from them. Then a few months later the behaviors returned only - worse! We have removed her from the garden. She has a 14 day chart in which she is to do what she is told and she is to treat property with respect (not destroy things). It does not look like she will be finishing this chart and getting her privileges back in time for her birthday. We are fully prepared to take away her birthday presents and celebration (as we see those as privileges). So, my question is really about Christmas. As it is quickly approaching I am concerned that our little lady may not solve her problem before Christmas. How would you suggest handling a child who is removed from the garden during the Christmas season?

Thanks, Sarah

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