Family morals revisited.


As a follow up to my previous question, we've had endless discussions over the years regarding boyfriends and cell phone use. We've discussed the traits to look for in a boyfriend, the respect he should show in both actions and words, and what is appropriate at her age. They're never left alone together and he's not allowed in her bedroom even supervised. As for the cell phone, we've set limitations on its usage from the beginning. It's never in her bedroom overnight and there are rules for when and how to use it. We have discussed and limited social media as well.
I can understand that I may sound hesitant to punish in this situation, but not for fear of her reaction. My husband and I are trying to deal with the many issues we're being presented with: inappropriate texting, progression of the physical part of the relationship, as well as a breach in our trust.
Please advise! At this point, we're planning to take her phone away and limit time with her boyfriend. And then what.....

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