Teen exiting the Garden of Eden


This is my third question about my 14-year-old son. A few days ago he got into a fistfight with another child and made the child cry, although he says the other child started it. Today he was given detention for throwing a plastic bottle at another child's head, hard enough to produce a lump, while riding the bus; the video shows that he initiated it. This is the first time he has ever been in trouble at school. The other parents think he was bullying their child. Our son runs with the fast, mean, popular boys while at school but does not have any social interactions with them after school. We have had an ongoing struggle for years to form this child into a respectful person but he is currently disrespectful and has a bad attitude in general; he is "prickly" and was so long before middle school. He also has ADHD and some OCD features. Is it time to kick this child out of the garden of Eden, or do we go the route of psychological/therapy sessions? I am so appreciative of any direction. Thank you!

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