Moody 8 year old.


My daughter is always upset. She always wants to eat. (she is intolerant to gluten and dairies). On morning, she doesn't eat but ask to bring candy on the bus (I always say no). She doesn't really eat at lunch (kids laugh at her lunch because I give her fruits and veggies ans salad). When she comes back home she try to eat candy or not healthy food (this food affect her so much, she can't concentrate at anything if I give her something with sugar, candy or anything. I never give up except at Halloween). She is always frustrated. It's the same with homework when she finds it difficult, she does crises (she is 8yo). I don't help her except on certain things (she has problem at school too) I don't know if she has learning difficulties or TDAH or she just doesn't want to work. Thanks

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