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Hi there,

I'm needing help with my 28 month old. We are focusing on whining and tantrums at the moment. I'm not sure where to start. Sometimes, he whines because he is unhappy about something the sister said or did. Sometimes it's because he's not given what he wants quickly enough. Sometimes it's just because I say no to his requests. Whatever it is, both my husband and I are fed up with it. So we have started to put him in the room (and lock it) each time he whines - and he would then throw a tantrum which lasts between 30-60 minutes. If we left the whining, he would just move on to other things and we get no tantrum. However as I mentioned, we are pretty sick of the fact that he can't express himself without whining.

When he's in the room having his tantrum party, this is where another problem comes right up and compounds the original problem. He gets so mad he goes to a full blown screaming tantrum, and pees every drop he has in his pants or on the floor to boot . This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME HE HAS A TANTRUM IN HIS ROOM even if he has just had a pee 5-10 minutes ago..and even if he has a potty in his room to use. He completely soaks his pants or makes a big puddle on the floor, which then upsets him even more! I suspect he isn't completely emptying his bladder...he is rather impatient and pops up the moment he has finished (or so we think). Whatever it is, I try not to micromanage that.

I'm not sure how to solve this one. It's tantrums and toilet training rolled up in one. He's been put in his room 1-3x daily for throwing fits/whining in the last week or two..so we've had 1-3x soaked pants/pee puddles every day. I admit I have been so upset over this today that I have completely lost my cool, and spanked and shouted, and shouted and spanked. It's obviously not helping the situation. I'm just feeling quite stuck at the moment, and very upset that I am getting nowhere with this toddler. I also have various other issues to solve with him too (but that's for another day/question) Please help!!! and soon!!

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