Mom worried about 5th grade


My 5th grade daughter is having problems at school. She has gone to this private school since kindergarten with pretty much the same kids every year. This class is full of hooligans and the teachers can't seem to get them under control. This isn't just her whining. I've see it for myself and most of the staff would agree that this particular class is one of the worst. My daughter is a straight A student and serious about her studies (too serious in my opinion). This year she has frequently come home in tears complaining about all the nonsense and disruptions. She says she is tired of it and wants to go to another school. I've mostly had a "life is tough all over kiddo" attitude about it wanting her to problem solve on her own. But I'm starting to get concerned. We have three more years of this. Should I continue to stay out of it or is it time to intervene?

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