12-yo Rude, Lazy, Disrespectful


12yr old son-7th grade-Goes to Christian school-Last week got detention for disrupting class,this week got another detention for talking back to teacher-he's VERY lazy with homework (barely getting C-, D- in class, but will have "F's" soon)-he doesn't do assignments on time, not complete or not at all,what he does do is VERY sloppy-doesn't study for tests,does very little to get by,he argues/talks back ALL the time at home & thinks he's always right, nothing's his fault, doesn't follow directions wants to do things his way-We've tried taking things away, but he doesn't have much to take away (besides nerf blasters & those are hidden) he doesn't do anything with friends so we can't take that away, there's not much else to take away. He's always been a very respectable boy,he wont even look at anyone or hardly responds when people talk to him in church sometimes-he's always been great @cross country, last week he didn't even "try" he placed 20th when he used to get 1st, he made excuse his ankle hurt him when it didn't-A couple weeks ago when I picked him up from school he was VERY rude, talking back, I stopped the car, told him to get OUT he could walk home (we live in the country 15 miles away so he couldn't walk home), he started to cry. Unless we get EXTREMELY mad & he cries, then he will be more respectful & act normal for a day or so - this is very exhausting for my husband & I. Any other suggestions on this behavior & things to do to correct it quickly.

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