Grade retention.


My husband and I are contemplating moving our 8 year old daughter back to 2nd grade starting this next 2nd semester. We started her in K when she just turned 5 in August, so she now just turned 8 prior to 3rd grade. We have been wanting to hold her back since 1st grade but the teachers and principal always said that research on retention isn't good and they would not recommend it, so we heeded their warning. She is now STILL behind in reading and math and her teacher says she has "substantial gaps." They have put her in a special reading group every single year and I am honestly tired of trying to "catch her up." She is making progress and is otherwise very bright, but is always just a smidge behind her peers. Her daily struggle has subsequently caused her to not like school and she "hates reading." She is also the smallest in her class as well - but I, her mother, am only 4'11", so she has short genes anyway. She is a little social butterfly and gets along with both 2nd graders and 3rd graders. I am worried retention will hurt her socially or emotionally. Help!

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