Morning Woes


HI there, I am having trouble with my 2 year old and 5 year old during wake time, amidst other discipline issues. Bedtime is much less dramatic now, most of the time we put them down separately and it seems to help - but wake time is still an issue. Every morning (earlier than we like), they make a lot of noise in their room.Yesterday, I heard a lot of crying from the 2 year old - however I ignored it as he can cry profusely when he doesn't get the toy he wants or the sister tells him to get off his bed. However, when I did go in, I found that his 5 year old sister climbed on top of him in his bed, and when he told her to get off, she apparently hit his face and scratched it until a bit of skin came off and there were red scratch marks on the other side. So she stayed in her room all day. This morning, the 2 year old was banging on the door and shouting and crying loudly for mummy. When I go in thinking something is wrong (like yesterday), he demands for breakfast (meaning nothing is seriously wrong). I'm at my wit's end with my two children at the moment - they take turns to misbehave every day. Are all children really this naughty? I don't seem to be able to have control or peace in the family many days in the week. I feel like all I'm doing is disciplining - again and again for the same issues. The 5 year old for defiance and attention-seeking behaviour, wanting to be in control, and the 2 year old for general naughtiness, rowdiness and tantrums. My husband is very busy working all day every day and he comes back for dinner - then the kids go to bed. I have them both all day, being a stay-home mum. What kind of plan do you think I should have with regards to the children to help me regain control?

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