Potty chair for the car with a 2-year-old


We are a month into potty training and I'm getting discouraged! My almost 2 year old took about 9 days before he was doing 80% of his pees in the potty, and all of his poos. We have continued that way, but he doesn't seem to be improving and, in fact, seems to be getting worse- this week he had maybe 40% success. I'm about to cave and put a diaper back on him because going out is stressful and always involves multiple accidents (in the carseat, shopping cart, you name it). At home, he sees his potty and so is more mindful of using it, but when we're out, I have to bring him to a potty (kicking and screaming) and most of the time he will refuse to use it, resulting in an accident ten minutes later. What am I doing wrong? He is so proud of his successes, but doesn't seem to care when he has an accident.

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