3 yo Refusing to Go to Bed


Our 3.5 year old is suddenly refusing to go to bed. She threw a few violent temper tantrums last weekend, and since then we have been able to avoid the crying, but have not been able to get her to stay in bed. As soon as we leave the room, she is up and refusing with a quick head shake and "No." We have tried yelling, punishments, ignoring her, even holding the door to her room shut (which did not go well), and nothing seems to work. She has always been a great sleeper and very independent, not given to fears - she does like getting her way. I am longing for five minutes to myself - the toddler now sleeps on the floor beside my bed.

We also have a six-month old and so we are reluctant to let the toddler cry it out, since the baby has just started sleeping well. How do we handle the nighttime temper tantrums with a baby in the house?

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