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My daughter is in first grade. Your discipline strategies have been working very effectively with her and as I have backed off micromanaging her every move and let her take on more and more responsibilities, I've seen her grow in confidence in ways that I would have never predicted for her. So yay!! My question right now involves homework. She's in first grade and thankfully her teacher is very reasonable and only gives about 15 minutes. I have already let the teacher know that I want her to take on as much responsibility as she can, therefore I'm not going to nag her to get things done. This includes getting out the door on time and her homework. Well, she does not have a lot of self motivation in this department. What would be the John Rosemond approach? Yesterday, for example, she was given a worksheet that involved writing down a few places she might be able to find the date. For example, a calendar, a cellphone, and an peice of mail. She took about 20 minutes looking for a pencil because I would not help her, then just used a dull colored pencil. She also put her paper down on the counter while I was cooking and there was grease on it. I hate to care too much what people think but I basically let her hand in a dirty piece of paper with chicken scratch all over it. I know if I had hovered over her she would have been upset and I would have been upset but her homework sure would look neat and well done! She is my oldest and I want to establish good habits now so that we don't have battles looming on for years and years. I also have 2 other kids that aren't even in school yet so I need to figure out a good strategy that will empower her and me and get me as uninvolved as possible. I was a good student and so was my husband and we have high standards, but not sure how to move forward. I hear horrible stories of second and third grade parents at her school spending hours helping their children with homework!

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