Slow to Warm Up 6 y/o


My 6 year old daughter tends to warm up very slowly in new social situations, even old, familiar social situations. That's ok except that when it comes time for her to speak, she will only whisper to me and then expect me to speak for her. If we hang out in any given place long enough, this behavior disappears and she becomes sociable and gregarious, but I feel like I'm enabling her. It feels so awkward if I say nothing. And besides this, I get sick of telling her to say hi/please/thank you/goodbye when she already knows what to say and is perfectly well-mannered and uses these words without prompting in our home. Help me break our pattern!!

I also want to thank you for your no nonsense approach to discipline. Parenting was so frustrating and confusing until I started following your advice. Our home is a lot more peaceful now, my kids know who's in charge, and they are growing into people of character. It only took me 6 years to get here but better than 16!!

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