Five year old with school struggles.


My son started Kindergarten last week and has a rough time adjusting. He is showing signs of aggression towards his classmates. We kicked him out of Eden last week when he hit his neighbor because they were arguing over whose crayons belonged to who. He had a better day on Friday, but Monday did the same thing to his neighbor and then played too rough with friends on the playground. So, back to his room on Monday. Then Tuesday we were called because he took the plastic end of a jump rope and hit another child because the child looked meanly at him. My son said he thought the other child was going to hurt him first. This is an irrational fear, as the child did nothing to provoke him. I feel that something deeper is going on here, emotionally, that is causing him to behave in such a manner. Being rough with friends is one thing, but seeing others as a threat and trying to fight seems rooted in something else.

We've had aggression issues with him before at the beginning of each school year, but I really thought he had matured and this wouldn't be the case this year. I know the administration wants to keep the students safe. This is a private school, so if it continues, he won't be allowed to attend. He has a kind heart, but I can't figure out why he is so out of sync in this new environment and what we can do to help nip this so he won't be kicked out. I'm not trying to excuse his behavior, he is receiving our harshest punishment, but I feel something more is going on with him. He is not going to school tomorrow, by our choice. He will stay in his boring room all day. Is there anything else to suggest us to do, maybe with his teacher at school? Anything to help him feel less threatened by his classmates. It is just breaking my heart to see him not be his best, and I know the teachers and other classmates are beginning to form a bad opinion of him.

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