27 Month Old Poop "Accidents"


My second child is now almost 27 months old but still regularly has poop accidents in his pants. This has always been the case. He gets very upset and cries, but still has accidents a couple of times a week. Sometimes if I'm around or happen to put him on the toilet, he may tell me he needs to poo. I am getting pretty impatient, as I have been at this since 18 months old and he is still not getting it with poops. With pees, I also have to put him on at regular intervals. Like my first child, he would rarely tell me when he needs to go. How should I handle this? I would like to be free of poop accidents, which are extremely messy to clean up. I am also losing patience, as it has been 9 months of poop accidents.
I have done your suggestion of using a timer for 5 minutes on the toilet, and it only created a power struggle, and increased resistance. Tantrums and crying lasting the entire duration (which then makes it less likely he will poo because of the power struggle). What in the world do I do?

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