First Day of Kindergarten ~ Trouble?


My 5 yr old son just started kindergarten today. He has previously attended preschool, so I am aware of the issues he faces in school. We adopted the Rosemond method of tickets and being kicked out of Eden and he improved so much last year. He was less impulsive and listened better. Both of his teachers complemented him on his change in behavior at the end of the year and what a different boy he was.

But today was like starting over. We told him the same rules apply, but he wasn't following instructions or listening to his teacher. His personality is one of wanting to do things his way and in his timing. We are constantly on him for this. But a new environment is like a restart for him to push the boundaries as far as the teacher will let him.

My question is what, if anything, should I communicate with the teacher regarding his behavior habits? We still have the consequences at home of going to his room all afternoon if he doesn't listen. Being the first week, the discipline protocol at school hasn't started. (Green, yellow, red). My son even told me he was good because he stayed on green, even though the teacher said he didn't follow instructions. I would have her start discipline immediately, knowing my son will keep on misbehaving if he stays on green. But that's her call. Do I just see how my son adjusts with our consequences at home this week? I just want to nip it asap so he doesn't negatively affect his relationship with his teacher. I know what works, but at this stage do I just let her have time with him to figure it out first?


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