Should everyone be punished?


If I plan a fun family outing (zoo, beach, etc...) and then while getting ready or on the way there, one of my two children (ages 5 and 7) misbehaves, should I turn around and go home? It certainly is inconvenient after I've made lunches, packed up the car, asked my husband to take off of work, etc... but nevertheless, we want to "lower the boom" if it's appropriate to do so in this instance. I would let the well-behaving child play at home (whereas the misbehaving one would be confined to his/her room for the day), but the behaving child would still miss out on the much-anticipated activity. What are you thoughts? What if we have purchased tickets just for that day?

What should I do if our plans involve more than just our immediate family? We may plan to meet a friend and her kids at a park or take a trip to Sea World with visiting relatives. It seems rude to cancel our outing and change someone else's plans just because my kids are misbehaving.

I appreciate your suggestions.

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