7 yo Boo-Boo Drama


I'd like some advice on determining *real* medical problems versus drama problems. We've spent way too much time at our local urgent care with our 7 year old girl. The other night she was loading the dishwasher while hopping on one foot (!) when she suddenly started to scream. When I came in she said she had felt her knee "pop" and it really really hurt. We settled her down, iced it, gave her motrin. It apparently still hurt a lot the next day so I took her to urgent care. X-rays perfectly fine. Probably just a bad bruise, ice it, total rest for a few days, no swimming or running around outside (she burst into tears at the no pool part). Today, she says it feels just fine and can walk on it again. Hmmmm!

I, myself, remember well my own tendency at her age to make a huge fuss about scrapes and owies until finally the realization that my peers all thought I was a crybaby made me change my ways.

Anyway, I don't want to overlook a real injury (a friend recently poo-pooed her son's leg pain and then felt awful when the next day they got it x-rayed and it was actually broken). But I'd also like to reduce unnecessary visits to the doctor. I think she'd be a lot happier too if she could learn to get up and brush herself off and go on with life instead of working herself into a lather over these things. I try to pay as little attention as possible generally after an initial check for blood and bones sticking out. I've been trying to think of a way to, as you generally suggest, to make this her problem, but I'm stumped.

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