2 yo swim diaper issues



We began N75 with our youngest shortly before she turned 2 a few weeks ago. After a few rocky days we had great success using the potty gate and bell for both #1 and #2. We're on vacation and while she was great the first week (poop in the morning on the potty before a full day of swimming and nap) a recent accident (pooping in her swimsuit) prompted us to grab a package of swim diapers for the sake of the people who use the pool that we swim in. However, the introduction of the swim diapers seemed to have set her back and we've had poop after poop when the swim diapers come on, always at the same time of day. We went back to the potty gate (we brought one down with us) and now seem to be in a contest of stubbornness. She sat in the gated bathroom for 3 hours this morning refusing to poop, hopped off the potty and promptly pooped on the floor. While I enjoyed the 3 hours I got reading my book, we would dearly love to enjoy the rest of our vacation and not spend the last week with one parent outside while the other one waits indoors for Maxine the Mule to move her bowels. Is this one of those instances when we jump off our mountainous molehill, put on the darned swim diapers and enjoy or vacation or stand our ground? Any other advice beyond going back to the potty gate/bell like we are? Thank you!

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