20 month old toilet training "accidents"


Good evening! Our daughter is 20 months old and has been successfully using the potty for about 2 weeks. During training, my husband or I would help her in the bathroom. In the past few days, she gets very upset if anyone but me (her mom) tries to help her in the bathroom. I stay at home with her, so I'm the primary caregiver most of the time. This occurs whether or not I am present. And she won't use the potty for them. In other situations, we do not allow her to choose who helps her with other tasks, like getting ready for bed or giving her a bath. She wants me for those too, but despite tears we don't change our minds. The difference here is when she is really upset about the bathroom, she either won't go or has an accident. How do we encourage her to use the potty for anyone who is watching her at the time?

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