Almost 16 y/o girl and her questionable beau


My 15 year old (soon to be 16) has been going with a boy who is one year older and has been held back once- almost twice from school. He monopolizes all her time. Other than cheerleading, which thank goodness takes up a little time each day, I feel he manipulates her into asking to see her constantly. He has shut her off from her friends, which she used to have so many since early childhood. We are an intact, happy family who are so proud of her. She has been going with him since she was 14 and he seems so afraid that she will leave him. I'm worried for her. He comes from a divorced family whose mother has an alcohol issue and suffers from neglect. I worry for him and care about his future but my main concern is my daughter's well being. Please advise us on how to handle this situation.

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