Underage Drinker Wannabe


My 14 years old son wants to taste alcohol regularly. He recently told us that he would buy vodka with his money (we indicated that if we ever have a doubt about him buying alcohol/drugs with the allowance we are giving him, we might review this privilege), but of course he replies he would buy it with his money when he’ll work this summer. He also took one of our bottles in his hand and asked to taste it. He’s alone at home after school and here and there. What would you recommend? We can’t prevent him for doing it at some point (he has already said he was drinking when younger – we adopted him 2 years ago), but I am not comfortable if he starts doing it at home with my bottles or on a regular basis (I know, he would not be the first kid trying alcohol with parents reserve, but still). Also, if we realize one day that he’s been drinking from our bottles, should we make a checkmate move or anything else? Please advise.

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