22 mo Potty Training


I have a question about potty training, in particular, about bowel movements.

We have been potty training our daughter (currently 22 months old) for two months now and she's got #1 down; even when we go out she's good at using the potty. Note: we take her to go versus waiting for her to tell us she needs to go.

She is still wearing diaper for sleeping at night and at nap time because she is having a hard time with #2. In fact, she’ll often have a BM during her nap, or when we go to get her in the morning, she’ll have a poop in her diaper. Twice this week, she had a poop in her diaper when I went to check on her when we went to bed, about 3 hours after we put her down.

Might also be worth noting, that she wears a pull up (which we call panties) when she goes to day care – 3 times a week.

We have had a handful of successes with #2’s in the potty, only when we can see that she is having a BM. All the other times, we don’t know when she's going so it’s challenging. We’ve tried to get her to sit on the potty when we think she has to have BM, but she’ll just do a #1 or nothing, and be done with it. Even tried the potty bell approach, but she’s not into just sitting there.

Any advice?

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