Dad Rewards Freshman College Student


Our son just finished his first year of college and earned a 3.8 GPA. My husband and I pay for all his college expenses and he lives at home with us year round. He works a part time job on the weekends.
I am very proud of his accomplishments and I made him his favorite dinner and posted his grades and a "congratulatory symbol" on a dry erase board in our home.
We also bought him his first car for 7,000.00 last year which he totaled because he was driving carelessly. He has a savings account and we told him he must buy his next car which he did for 3,500.00 and he takes good care of it.
My concern is this: Last week when his 1100.00 car insurance bill came which he pays twice a year my husband (without discussing this with me) told him that as an "incentive" and "reward" for getting good grades he doesn't have to pay it.
I feel he should not be "rewarded" monetarily for doing well in college and that his reward will be a successful future and by paying all his expenses for school is helping him do just that.
I appreciate your input.
Thank You.

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