Will the box system work.....


We need help. We've been down this road before but keep losing our way and our problems are now two-fold, now that our youngest, Master 3.5 is older and able to understand (and misbehave) more.

Our eldest, Master 6.5 is a complainer...and in a whiny baby voice to boot! Nothing is ever right or fair in his eyes, and he even complains when he doesn't get something right himself. For example "I can't cut out my picture properly" or "My jumper doesn't feel right" (all in a whiny voice). Mainly he whines/complains about fairness (this week he has literally been complaining that his brother 'got to have' antibiotics for bronchitis, and he had no medicine!!). Who complains about not having medicine?!

Our youngest is shocking at shouting his way through play with his brother when things don't go his way. For example, he won't listen to Master 6's game suggestions and just shouts "no! no! no!" already assuming he's going to hate the game his brother is about to suggest.

So, will the box system work for these, particularly for the whining?
Also, what do we do about other behaviours that are less than ideal but not on their chart, especially when we're out. For example kicking the backs of car seats, continuing to make loud silly noises when my husband and I are trying to talk and we've already asked them to stop, constantly touching everything in shops or leaving our side to go touch something. We also find ourselves repeating simple, one-thing instructions (like "get into your pyjamas"). It can take 4 or 5 reminders and 15 minutes or more for this to occur.

So, we have several issues we want to address, but I've read not to tackle everything at once. Do we just let others slide for now?

Lastly, how do dangerous behaviours fit into this? On occasion, if they are doing something dangerous or destructive (e.g jumping from one lounge to another (when they have a lovely trampoline outside), is that a box lost even if it's not on their chart? My husband thinks anything dangerous to themselves or destructive to our furniture should be an immediate strike whether it's on the chart or not.

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