Room Sharing and Discipline


We are the parents of four girls ages 8, 6, 4 (nearly 5), and 2 (turning 3 in June). We also have one 18 month old boy.

We are experiencing a variety of discipline problems with all the girls and are preparing to implement the tickets program. We have a small house and all the children share the same room.

One question is our boy has naps in his room generally twice a day in his crib. It would be inconvenient, but would you recommend we move his crib to our bedroom to minimize nap disruptions when confining children to their room? We also expect that there will often be more than one child confined to the room at a time. Are there any considerations we should be aware of when this happens? They of course generally enjoy playing together.

Another question regards play value in the room. They have only a toy box and books, and all of them enjoy reading and/or looking at the pictures. We plan to remove most of the toys, but do you recommend the same with the books?

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