2 Year Old Obedience Issues


When I tell my two year old son what to do, eg. "It's time to sit at the table for dinner now. Come and sit.", he regularly runs to his room and hides under his covers. In fact, it happens probably six times a day. I do not run after him. I do not want him to think that this is a game. I walk down the hall, tell him again what I want him to do, he remains under the covers. He continues to refuse to obey. I spank him. He still won't obey. He might scream "no", he might start to tantrum. He knows that if he tantrums that he will get "stuck" in his room. (His room (which is stripped of toys) is his Rosemond tantrum place.) Today he told me that he wanted to "fit" ie. have a tantrum so that I would walk out of his room him and leave him alone. Can you help me establish authority with my son? Or do I have to deal with this until he is done with his terrible twos?

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