4-yo resumes 2-yo tantrums


My nearly 4 year old son has suddenly become (seemingly) unable to regulate his emotions (even a little bit!!) It's like he's 2 again but this time he knows better. 2 was indeed a rough go for him (and us--his parents) but 3 was actually pretty good. Not perfect, but he stopped some of the aggressive behaviors and fits he employed a lot at 2. But seemingly all of the sudden, any tiny little thing will set him off into a full blown terror where he just loses it (shrieking, screaming, sometimes physically aggressive, defiantly yelling no, thrashing. It's bad!) I've read what John says about spanking to try to snap him back into reality but he almost always escalates when we try this. He usually ends up spending good long portion of the day in his room, not for the initial thing that happened (often sometime really small) but because of how he handled himself. Any suggestions?

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