18-mo "on purposes"


What can I do to discourage attention-seeking toilet training accidents? We are on day 10 of toilet training our 18 month old, using the method described in Toilet Training Without Tantrums. We are using the potty bell, and our son can successfully and consistently use the potty when the bell rings or when placed on the potty. He’s starting to be able to communicate to use that he needs to use the potty in between potty bell rings. He understands that accidents are bad, and he helps me clean up his accidents. Days 5-7 had zero or one accident. Since then, we’ve seen an increase in accidents, and it is clear he’s having accidents for attention. What can I do to address this? Should I use the gate method after an intentional accident? Should I pinch his trapezius muscle, which he responds to for correcting other discipline issues?

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