3 yo grumpy getting up & dressed


My almost three year old (in July) follows in my footsteps and is what I would call "not a morning person". I wake him up every morning and he is immediately grumpy (doesn't want to get up, wants to stay in bed, etc.). I usually let him cuddle with me for a few minutes before I have to get him dressed to eat breakfast before leaving the house to get to daycare. It is without a doubt, a battle every single morning getting him dressed. He either doesn't want help and gets frustrated because he can't always do it himself and then yells at me to help him. Or he does want help, but hasn't yet communicated it to me. I'm damned if I help him, damned if I don't. My morning routine has started to completely stress me out trying to get him ready. Once he is ready he is grumpy because he is hungry and wants to eat. Once he is finally able to eat breakfast he is usually fine, but that initial getting out of bed and dressed takes more time than it should and tests my patience to the limit. I am working with him to get him dressed on his own, so that I don't need to help him, but he still struggles with it (and ensuing tantrum begins). Do you have any possible ideas that I can use for him so that he can get himself ready without my intervention (and stress) every morning! Thanks.

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