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14 month-old Tantrums, Revisited


My fourteen month old is having all out tantrums when she doesn't get her way. It's over things like not letting her have more Cheerios (and I'm offering plenty of other options of foods I know she likes), not letting her play with Mommy's cell phone (she likes clicking the home button and seeing her photo pop up, but I don't want her on electronics), or having her diaper changed when she wants to keep playing. There's no distraction that I've found to work. Once she gets her mind set on something, she'll scream and cry and throw herself all around the floor for 10-20 minutes before finally giving up and getting over it. Should I try to console her (which really just seems to make her more angry)? Walk away? Just sit with her and ride it out? Thank you for any guidance you can give!

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