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Husband or Dog?


Our family has a 1 year old German Shepherd that we got as a puppy. My husband and I talked about how we would raise the dog before we got her. I would be doing most of the work with her because I stay at home with my kids (whom I homeschool) and my husband works all day. I talked to him about how we would raise the dog, and he didn't respond with any disagreements, so I assumed we were on the same page. After we got the dog, I learned that my husband feels very strongly that dogs should never be inside the house. He thinks they should be chained up and kept outside. This is how his family kept all of their dogs when he was growing up. He is very stubborn but sometimes I can persuade him to see things in a different light over time, and this has been my hope for a year. He has not complied and he refuses to get a personal trainer to help us. Now the dog behaves horribly when my husband is home and she is left outside. She behaves very well during the day for me and the kids and is happy. Weekends or periods of time when my husband is home are hard for the dog and us. My children are having a hard time seeing how we disagree on how to raise the dog and it is affecting their behavior too. I truly believe in being together or at least appearing to agree in front of children as parents and supporting each other, so I never talk badly about how my husband feels about raising the dog but it is obviously very evident within our family. I am at a loss of what to do. I welcome your suggestions.

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