Naked and $75 for Toilet Training


We have been potty training our 2 year old using John's method since last September. We expected him to regress after our daughter was born two months later (which he did), but we kept working with him and had him going potty out in public. He still wasn't telling us when he had to pee, but usually would tell us when he had to poop. In the past two weeks he has regressed so far it feels like we're practically starting over again. He's having accidents almost daily. We make him try to go potty and he sits there and does nothing. Then he'll pee or poop his pants 15 minutes later. He is in underwear all the time except for when he goes to daycare. I don't like putting him in pull ups, but I have to since he doesn't tell anyone when he needs to go. My frustration is he's so laid back he doesn't care if he pees or poops his pants. He'll walk around in it like nothing's happened. Even making him clean up his own messes doesn't phase him. My husband and I are about at our wit's end and aren't sure what to do now. My husband says bribe him, but I don't want to go there and knowing my son, I don't think it would work anyhow. Please help!

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